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Adolescent Residential Treatment Program

Graf Rheeneerhaanjii means “a place where healing occurs” and is a residential treatment facility with more than eight years of experience in helping primarily IHS beneficiary teenagers who have problems with drugs, alcohol, and other substances that preclude effective functioning in the homes, schools, and communities.

Graf Rheeneerhaanjii is a fully accredited drug and alcohol rehabilitation program and is designed to break the cycle of substance use and abuse among adolescents and their families and is a joint effort between Fairbanks Native Association and Tanana Chiefs Conference.

The program at Graf Rheeneerhaanjii provides a culturally sensitive, structured, monitored, supportive environment that is designed to assist adolescents in developing the attitudes, skills, and behaviors necessary for the recovery from the dependency on drugs, alcohol, or other chemicals.

The program provides a healing environment through groups, individual and family therapy, drug and alcohol education, social skills development, cultural awareness groups, recreational and physical fitness, personal enhancement, and support groups.

Academic education is provided by New Beginnings Charter School on site. Credits earned are recognized by the State Department of Education.

All therapeutic and academic services are provided by skilled professionals. Our professional staff includes social workers, certified addiction counselors, and certified educators.

Students participate in individual, family, and group counseling sessions; drug and alcohol education groups; the 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous; and Str8Nates Support Group. Mental health care is coordinated by our staff with Tanana Chiefs Conference Physical health care needs are met through the personnel at Chiefs Andrew Isaac Health Center and through local Specialist.

Upon admission, assessments and evaluations are conducted to aid in formulating a treatment/healing process that is designed to deal specifically with individual problems and potential. Included are social histories, cultural assessments, and assessments of diet and nutrition. Activities are designed to meet the needs of the culturally divers urban and rural student population.

The healing process will also address the need for care after Graf Rheeneerhaanjii. Revisions are made in the treatment plan as insights are gained or new issues are uncovered. Our drug and alcohol treatment philosophy emphasizes a holistic healing model and is coordinated by the youth’s primary mentor.

As the youth approaches the conclusion of treatment, aftercare preparation is intensified, which includes development of a support network in the youth’s home community to enhance his or her new sober life style.


Adolescents are accepted at Graf Rheeneerhaanjii from a variety of backgrounds throughout the state of Alaska. Referrals come from area regional health corporations, social workers, juvenile corrections officers, school counselors, outpatient drug and alcohol counselors, and family members.

Graf Rheeneerhaanjii is located on 80 acres of land covered with spruce and birch in a rural residential area approximately ten miles west of the city of Fairbanks, Alaska.

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