Yukon River Disaster Relief Program

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Tanana Chiefs Conference was a recipient of a grant from the Yukon River Disaster Relief program.  Cost savings from conservation projects over the years has allowed TCC to purchase 200 additional conservation 6” nets.  TCC received 300 applications for the 200 nets.    

The intent of the 6” net release program through Disaster Relief from 2015-2019, is to provide an opportunity for subsistence users who did not have 6” mesh nets to participate in fishing during king conservation openers that required 6” mesh.  In addition, voluntary use of 6” mesh during non-conservation openers has been encouraged (when it makes sense) to allow for the passage of large female kings to get to the spawning grounds in order to help rebuild depleted stocks. 

The criteria for the net application is:

  1. Must be a current subsistence fisherman with the TCC portion of the Yukon or Kuskokwim Rivers
  2. Must not be a member of a household that already has a 6” mesh net
  3. Must not have received a 6” mesh net in 2011 to 2018

Because there were many more net applications than nets available,  TCC further categorized net eligibility as follows:

  1. rural resident
  2. mainstem villages (along the Yukon River and Tanana River)
  3. non-mainstem villages (Allakaket, Huslia, Venetie and Arctic Village) will receive nets through a lottery drawing
  4. Fairbanks applicants will not receive a net

Some villages have already received their nets based on final approval of applicants.  Other villages will be receiving them shortly.  Villages close to Fairbanks (Nenana, Manley, Rampart, Minto) will be contacted for recipients to pick up their nets in Fairbanks. 

TCC encourages all subsistence fishermen to utilize conservation methods during king passages.  If you did not receive a 6” mesh net through this program, TCC will retain your application in case there is a future opportunity.  Nets can be purchased through LFS/Donalsons in Anchorage. They are not the only net supplier, however. 

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