Why We Support Ballot Measure 1

On November 6th, Alaskan voters will have the chance to support an important update to our fish habitat laws by voting YES on Ballot Measure 1. The current permitting system in unbalanced and ballot measure one will help us balance development with protection of salmon by ensuring that there is a permitting process in place for projects that could have a negative impact on salmon habitats.

Additionally, Alaskans will be given a voice in the permitting process, with a 30-day comment period on the Fish Habitat Impact Assessment that Alaska Department of Fish and Game will be required to write for any major permit application. It’s important for us to share our local knowledge and to be able to know when permits are submitted, so we know what is happening in our traditional areas. This ballot measure will finally give Alaskans the voice we deserve in the process.

Your vote on November 6 will decide if the initiative becomes law!