Upcoming Sobering Center

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Tanana Chiefs Conference Provides an ‘Inside Guide’ to the Sobering Center

Tanana Chiefs Conference has partnered with several other organizations and agencies in the Interior in order to open up a Sobering Center for chronic inebriates in Fairbanks.

Housing First Manager, Shirley Lee says the project started years ago when several people froze to death because they had nowhere to go, “That was what got the process started,” Lee says.

Since then, TCC along with Fairbanks Native Association, The City of Fairbanks, Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, and others began working together to find funding for the project.

Earlier this year, that funding was secured by a grant to TCC. Lee says, “We immediately began looking for a place that would fit our needs.” That place was found in the Denardo Center located off McCullum Drive in Fairbanks. Though the location is not in the South Cushman area, where many chronic inebriates travel, TCC will be working closely with the City of Fairbanks, the Community Service Patrol, and will be safely enclosed with strict protocols on bringing people in and out of the center.

The center will also offer assistance to those wanting to change their lifestyle and get treatment for addiction. TCC recognized that this was a need for the community and we are pleased to see the project moving forward.

For more details, you can visit our YouTube Page to see our Inside Guide by clicking HERE.