Goal: TCC will be staffed by a fully committed, satisfied and well-trained workforce

Maximize Native hire within TCC  
Identify and recruit for more village based staffMaintain current village based health positions and expand as opportunities allow
Develop and conduct ongoing cross cultural sensitivity trainingStrengthen employee personal communications skills and cross cultural sensitivity
Ensure staff compensation is competitive with market Audit TCS operations to identify needed program enhancements to better serve tribal needsHealth staff will receive competitive pay based on independent market comparisons
Enhance recruiting support and efficiency for program staffing Reduce staff turnover and increase staff retention
Implement a comprehensive staff training planImprove employee satisfaction by obtaining adequate staffing to avoid burn-outEnsure that all staff have required competencies through a training plan
Expand employee recognition activitiesDevelop individual training plan for TCS staff 
Expand career progression systems within TCCIncrease training and skill development opportunities for TCS staff, village based/Fairbanks 
Expand and develop internship and mentoring programs in TCCEnhance employee satisfaction and retention through engagement, valuing feedback, and recognition 
Ensure that all staff have timely performance appraisals