Services Delivery

Goal: TCC will expand and enhance essential services

Provide career education and training opportunities for home grown health providersÈ

Strengthen Tribal GovernmentsSearch for and obtain untapped federal agency resources available for tribes in our region 
Expand the scope of services for self-governance compact to include additional BIA programs  functions and services
All tribal governments will have tribally-designated constitutions, codes and written policies in an accessible format 
All tribal governments will have clearly defined base membership rolls and accurate current membership lists. 
All tribes will have an updated community plan
Promote tribal management of lands and natural resourcesThe TCC region will have a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)
Develop additional revenue for Cadastral Survey
Advocate and plan for the management of “Lands into Trust”
Improve real-time land title services
Provide advocacy, technical assistance and generate additional revenues to support the Hunting and Fishing Task Force

Recovery of King Salmon through advocacy and co-management to increase escapement and harvest


Protect tribal water rights and ensure water quality
Strengthen tribal community services infrastructureExpand village housing opportunities**TCC has a comprehensive plan and system for emergency management response
Assist tribes to use local labor and natural resources to build homesAssist tribes with upgrading community water and sanitation systems
Develop a regional energy planAssist tribes with water and sanitation facility operations and maintenance
Assist tribes in developing community energy plans and alternative energy solutions 
Complete a regional transportation plan
Develop in-house capacity to advocate and address road needs
Prevent closure of small village schools in the region
Evaluate and develop new services opportunities (climate change, water system permitting, firefighting training)
Enter into agreements for Child Support Enforcement services for TCC tribes
Education, training, and employment and assistance for tribal members    Provide village-based employment training opportunitiesEstablish a CHAP training center
Expand Summer and Adult Subsidized Employment Program-year roundExpand Behavioral Health Aide training
Expand youth leadership opportunities Provide career education and training opportunities for home grown health providers
Double number of certified and licensed Tribal Child Care and Foster Care Providers
Provide vocational skills training in the villages
 Ensuring public safety and behavioral health, addressing substance abuse, violence, suicide and child protection    Improve quality of public services through expanded VPSO training Behavioral Health Services are expanded to meet the needs:
• Increase number of community-based behavioral health
• Implement behavioral health services for children
• Integrate Behavioral Health and Primary Care
 Provide VPSO services in all communities that request services Substance Abuse intervention and treatment services are expanded to meet the needs:
• Expand/redesign detox services
• Address prescription drug abuse
• Expand treatment aftercare in the villages
• Reduce tobacco use through education and tobacco
cessation services
Reduce illegal alcohol and drug trafficking in villages  Achieve a significant reduction in suicide attempts and completion
 Expand revenue to create 37 tribal court clerk positions Support TCC social justice initiatives
Tribes operating tribal courts will have access to training and technical systems supporting tribal clerks and judges
Support TCC social justice initiatives social 
Enter into agreements for Child Support
Enforcement services for TCC tribes
Promote healthy lifestyles   TCC patients and customers take responsibility for their personal health care and status:
• Actively encourage and support healthy lifestyles
• Partner with communities to develop community wellness
• Provide clear and complete information to the Native
community concerning health resources available response
 TCC optimized the internal coordination of its various wellness and prevention programs and initiatives:
• Establish a new Wellness and Prevention department
• Preventative health screenings are fully integrated in the
medical home
• Increased internal coordination with other departments that
provide wellness and prevention
Cancer prevention and screening services are widely available and utilized
Timely access to integrated and coordinated medical careSignificant reduction in obesity levels
• Expanded community nutrition and exercise programs
Current medical services line are expanded to meet needs:
• Expand dental services capacity and services
• Expand eye care services
• Expand maternal and child health services
• Expand community health center services for the Upper
Tanana Sub-region
• Establish more community health centers in the Yukon
Tanana Sub-region
• Expand use of telehealth services
• Expanding coordinated care for Specialty Care Services for
New medical service line are provided to meet needs:
• Provide additional oncology services in Fairbanks
• Provide Physical Therapy services in Fairbanks and through
• Provide Geriatric Services
TCC has fully integrated care coordination and case management system
Long term care services and home care services are accessible and culturally appropriate
Expand assisted living services in Fairbanks and subregional hubs