Health Services Finance Report

We exceeded our 2014 cash collection goal by over 1.2 million dollars through continued partnership with Health Resource Group (HRG) and a solid commitment and dedication of our Revenue Cycle staff. In addition to these goals, we have expanded our services, thanks to funding from Indian Health Services staffing, and have added services lines (infusion therapy, physical therapy, wound care), which increases volume for the business office and the need for staff training on coding / billing for new service lines. Challenges this year included Medicaid’s new system delaying payment processing, and a pause on billing due to a program patch. Slow processing persists in certain areas. 

Going forward, we aim to meet the goals of our revenue cycle remodel and improvement plan, including staff training; billing, auditing, and reconciliation process improvements; and implementation of new coding guidelines by October 2015.  We are working with accounting to improve timely expenditure tracking. 

In addition to financial goals, we continue to seek opportunities to foster local ownership of health service finance processes. We have created 6 new rural based coder and biller positions in alignment with the TCC initiative to increase the number of rural positions and to start “growing our own.” These positions require stable and fast internet connections in the village. At the end of 2014 we had 50% filled. Once we hire, train, and certify additional staff, we will be able to reduce our demand on HRG for back-up support services.