Tribal Members

We assist Tribes in strengthening their sovereign governments to provide quality services, employment opportunities, community infrastructure and programs, to build safer and healthier communities.

Village Planning

Village Planning & Grant Writing

We assist with planning & development, Community Planning, Tribal transportation, Consultation & Technical Assistance for community projects, and Economic Development to support grants, capacity building and entrepreneurship.

Convention Resolutions

Full Board Resolutions

Each year our Full Board of Directors pass resolutions that will  govern the direction of Tanana Chiefs Conference and it’s employees through the coming year.

TCC resolutions pertain to issues ranging from technology, infrastructure, employment, health, Tribes, language, funding, natural resources, and subsistence.

Tribal Hall

Tribal Enrollment

Do you need a Tribal membership card? We can help you. We can also assist eligible individuals to become Tribally enrolled.

Other services are available to local Tribal offices.


Annual Report

Our Annual Reports is created to keep Tribal Members informed on our departments, what they have been working on, and the progress made throughout the year.


Our Newsletter

The Council Newsletter is a monthly publication designed to keep our tribal members informed and up to date.

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

TCC has developed a five-year Strategic Plan, which will guide the work of the organization through 2015-2020.

Each year TCC will determine the highest priorities and specific initiatives for that year. TCC management will report annually to the Board of Directors regarding progress made on implementing the plan.