TCC Helps Establish Subregional Culture Camps

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Culture camps play an important role in the education and preservation of Athabascan traditions, cultures and beliefs. However, the expenses incurred by many of our tribes can hinder our communities from hosting these events.

This is why TCC is exctied to now be able to help provide tribes the opportunity to receive funding to host their own culture camps. TCC will be able to provide funding for culture camps in each subregion that includes a wellness and prevention component. At each culture camp, TCC will provide staff, elders, or other experts to host workshops on a variety of wellness and prevention topics such as; suicide prevention, healthy relationships, preventing drug abuse, traditional parenting, and more.

Tanana Chiefs Conference will contract directly with the host village and cover their costs to set-up and put on the camp. TCC will provide the funding and the additional equipment and staff support. While TCC will be there to provide support for the culture, it will be up to the tribe to determine what you want to offer to your tribal members at the camp; which traditional skills and values you want them to learn; and what things you want them to get more information about.

Tribes will be selected for participation through their subregion as a whole. Each subregion will be allowed two camps per year.

More information on how tribes can apply to receive funding will be made available in the coming months.