Tanana Chiefs Conference launches Culture & Wellness Camps

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This summer marked the launch of the first Culture and Wellness Camps funded by Tanana Chiefs Conference (TCC). The Culture and Wellness camps are part of an initiative set forth through TCC’s 2015-2020 Strategic Plan to promote health and wellness through cultural activities. It was also featured in the Reclaiming Our People Initiative, which launched this summer.

The Culture & Wellness Camps are village driven and coordinated with support from TCC Staff. TCC recently hired a Culture & Wellness Camp Manager, Tonya Garnett who hit the ground running and has already seen a successful startup of camps this summer.

These camps are made possible through funding from TCC and the Administration for Native Americans. This is an important part of TCC’s Strategic Plan and is another way in which TCC is preserving our culture and way of life for generations to come.

Each camp will include a wellness component including presentations on topics such as health marriages, parenting, suicide prevention and more. The camps will also include cultural components such as language, building fish wheels and cutting fish.

Each subregion will host two camps per year for the next 5 years and we look forward to developing the Camps with the needs of the tribes and their direction and input.

The first of Tanana Chiefs Conference’s Culture & Wellness Camps of 2017 was hosted by Tanana. Called, “Denaa Kkoykka Hedok Deleehdenh,” the goal of the camp was to teach values that stress the importance of respecting others and ourselves while respecting the environment around our youth. These are important values that have been passed down from our ancestors and will be shared for generations to come.

The camp was a success and we look forward to the others being held throughout the TCC Region.

For more information on upcoming camps, visit our website at www.tananachiefs.org/cutlure-and-wellness-camps.