We provide assistance to local governments and individuals with regard to land and resources management, energy conservation and efficiency, fish & wildlife, and village strategies and projects.


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Energy Conservation

Addressing the high cost of energy in our communities is often recognized as one of the top priorities by Tribal members.

We work closely with Tribes, partner organizations, and State and Federal governments to find clean and affordable energy solutions for TCC communities.

Village strategies & Projects


Our staff provides realty services to Tribal members who are owners of restricted Native allotment and village townsites.

Funded through a self-governance compact, our staff conducts the day to day business work for the interests of restricted land owners.

land management


The TCC forestry program provides a wide range of forestry and fire management services to Native allotments and their owners via the trust services program.

The program also provides similar services via the technical assistance program to tribal councils, village and regional Native corporations and to other public and private landowners.



Our survey program is a full service professional land surveying practice which serves tribes, government, corporations and private clients.  

We specialize in boundary surveys and subdivisions, ANCSA surveys, control and GPS surveys and topographic / engineering surveys.

fish & wildlife

Fish & Wildlife

We use traditional knowledge and utilize western science to support sustainable fisheries and wildlife resources.

We also work continually work to build, and advocate for, capacity and expertise in fisheries and wildlife sciences throughout the TCC Region.


Hunting, Fishing, Gathering Task Force

The Hunting, Fishing, Gathering Task Force was established in 2013 to direct advocacy efforts aimed at protecting Athabascan and Alaska Native rights to hunt and fish.