CAIHC Pharmacy’s RefillPro App Guide

Chief Andrew Isaac Health Center pharmacy announces the RefillPro app which can be downloaded to an:

Note: please use the web version if on a desktop or laptop. CAIHC Pharmacy RefillPro Web Login

It is a new easy way to request refills of your medication by entering the RX number or by simply scanning the barcode on your bottle.

Directions for use after downloading the app to your phone or tablet:

Step 1 – Select the Pharmacy

Select the pharmacy by entering the phone Number: 907-459-3807
It will take you to the Refill pro Tanana Chiefs Conference home page.

From this page you can select:

  • Order refills
  • Call pharmacy
  • Get directions
  • Store info

To order refills select “order refills” button

Step 2 – Enter the Prescription

Enter the prescription number which is located on the medication bottle highlighted in yellow. Ignore any letters in the RX number.
You can also scan the prescription bottle label barcode as shown.

Step 3 – Prescription Status

There will be a green checkmark if the prescription is refillable.
If the prescription is not active it will indicate that with a red X and give you details on why the prescription is not refillable.

Step 4 – Set Delivery Method

Be sure indicate whether you would like the prescription mailed or picked up.

You can leave a comment on the order