Reindeer Herding | Food Security Project

Photo collage from areas part of the Reindeer Herding project.

Our traditional hunting and fishing practices, which include the ceremonies that accompany these practices, provide for the social, cultural, economic, and spiritual wellbeing and communities. As Native peoples, without access to our traditional food resources our health, our wellbeing, our economic security and our food sovereignty is threatened. Reindeer Food Security Project is an ideal Adaptation Plan.


Achieving solutions for food security is in the sustainable reindeer herding operation at the Delta Junction Bison and Reindeer Ranch. The facility currently houses 200 bison and several Reindeer.  Collaborating with UAF Reindeer Research Program will produce training opportunities.


Expanding the Delta Junction Bison & Reindeer Ranch to accommodate several hundred Reindeer through acquisition from Western Alaska operations will bring the operation to a full production stage.

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