Adolescent Treatment Facility

We partner with the Fairbanks Native Association(FNA) to provide an Adolescent Treatment Facility for youth suffering from drug and alcohol abuse. Our program, also known as Graf Rheenerhanjii (the Healing Place), is a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation center for American Indian/Alaska Native youth between the ages of 12 and 18.

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Our mission is to provide healing and education for American Indian/Alaska Native youth with substance abuse issues while  promoting wellness and growth and empowering our youth to reach their potential. We provide a culturally sensitive, structured, monitored, supportive environment designed to assist adolescents in developing the attitudes, skills, and behaviors necessary for the recovery from the dependency on drugs, alcohol, or other chemicals.

Services We Provide:

  • Therapy; Individual, Group and Family
  • Mental Health Therapy/Services
  • Drug/Alcohol Education
  • Social Skill Development
  • Cultural Awareness Groups
  • Anger Management
  • 12-Step Program 12-Step Program
  • Academic education with correspondence school


Adolescents are accepted at Graf Rheeneerhaanjii from a variety of backgrounds throughout the state of Alaska. Referrals come from area regional health corporations, social workers, juvenile corrections officers, school counselors, outpatient drug and alcohol counselors, and family members. Upon admission, assessments and evaluations are conducted to aid in formulating a treatment/healing process that is designed to deal specifically with individual problems and potential. Included are social histories, cultural assessments, and assessments of diet and nutrition. Activities are designed to meet the needs of the culturally diverse urban and rural student population.