2019 Full Board Resolutions

Each year our Full Board of Directors pass resolutions that will govern the direction of Tanana Chiefs Conference and it’s employees through the coming year.

Below we have listed out the 2019 Full Board Resolutions:

Resolutions 01-30

  • 2019-01 Improve and Expedite Hiring Process
  • 2019-02 Random Drug Testing for Executive and Health Board and Require Testing 1 Week Before Elections
  • 2019-03 Improve Standards and Local Hire in Housing Projects
  • 2019-04 Improve Public Safety in Rural Alaska
  • 2019-05 Wrongfully Convicted People Receive Permanent Fund Dividends for Years Spent Incarcerated     
  • 2019-06 Advocates to Assist Our Youth When They Encounter the Judicial System    
  • 2019-07 Protect the Inherent Sovereign Rights of Native Tribes
  • 2019-08 Calling on the United States Government to Renounce the Doctrine of Discovery                 
  • 2019-09 Resolution in Honor of Extraordinary Leadership and Volunteerism of Tom Kriska                     
  • 2019-10 Funding Year 2020 Governor Dunleavy Proposed Budget
  • 2019-11 Indian Environmental General Assistance Program
  • 2019-12 Requesting Support of Tanana Chiefs Conference to Assist in Planning and Implementing Women’s Gatherings in the Villages
  • 2019-13 Affordable Detox Treatment
  • 2019-14 Urgent Health Needs of Alatna Village
  • 2019-15 Have an Elder Health Care Advocate for the Tanana Chiefs Conference Region                        
  • 2019-16 Elder Home in Tok for Upper Tanana Region
  • 2019-17 Patient Mileage Reimbursement
  • 2019-18 Wellness and Prevention Activities for the Upper Tanana Region
  • 2019-19 Expansion of Substance Withdrawal Services for Interior Alaska
  • 2019-20 TCC to Assist FNA to Enter Into a BIA Title IV Compact for Welfare Assistance and Social Services
  • 2019-21 Protecting Opportunities to Hunt for Local Village Residents
  • 2019-22 In Support of the State of Alaska to Budget Funds to Support and Fund a Statewide Alaska Indigenous Teacher Training Program
  • 2019-23 Establish a Climate Change Advisory Committee
  • 2019-24 Authorizing Tanana Chiefs Conference to Be the Tribal Energy Resource Development Organization (TERDO) and to Apply for BIA Funding Under the FY19 Tribal Economic Development Capacity Grant Program
  • 2019-25 Oppose the Murphy Dome Road Expansion
  • 2019-26 Protect Alaskan Waters to Ensure the Waters Remain Pristine and Uncontaminated                 
  • 2019-27 Authorization and Support for Tanana Chiefs Conference to Submit a CTAS Purpose Area 7 Tribal Victim Services Program
  • 2019-28 Authorization and Support for Tanana Chiefs Conference to Submit a CTAS Purpose Area 3 and 9 Tribal Victim Services Program
  • 2019-29 Seek Funding for a Language Immersion Program
  • 2019-30 Protect Ceremonial Moose

Subregional Resolutions 01-03

  • 2019-01 Requesting the State of Alaska, Department of Natural Resources to Transfer Lot 1, Block 4, U.S. Survey No. 2760 A&B, Fort Yukon Townsite to the Youth Council for the Construction of a new Youth Building
  • 2019-02 ICWA/Family Advocate Position for Tok Native Association
  • 2019-03 Tribal Administrator Position for Tok/Tok Native Association