2018 Full Board Resolutions

Each year our Full Board of Directors pass resolutions that will govern the direction of Tanana Chiefs Conference and it’s employees through the coming year.

Below we have listed out the 2018 Full Board Resolutions:

2018 Full Board Resolutions

Resolutions 01-35

  • No. 2018-01 Removal of “Alaska Nahasda Rider” From Future Appropriations Bill
  • No. 2018-02 Youth Centers In The TCC Region Villages
  • No. 2018-03 Feasibility Study For Lower Yukon Health Care
  • No. 2018-04 Request for Assistance in Purchasing Native Land Allotments for Sale
  • No. 2018-05 To Increase Client Appointments with Physicians at Chief Andrew Isaac Health Center (CAIHC)
  • No. 2018-06 Oppose the Ambler Mining District Industrial Access Project / Road
  • No. 2018-07 Advocacy and Support for Permanent Reauthorization and Compact Funding for Special Diabetes Program for Indians (SDPI)
  • No. 2018-08 Ensure ADF&G Advisory Committees Adequately Meet – Their Legal Requirements, Local Hunting and Fishing Needs; and ADF&G Tribal Consultation Policy
  • No. 2018-09 Protection of the Indian Child Welfare Act and Implementing Regulations
  • No. 2018-10 Alaskan Tribal Communities Deserve Public Safety, Justice and Adequate Services
  • No. 2018-11 Bringing Cell Phone Service to Tok-Alaska Border Highway Region
  • No. 2018-12 Establish a BIA General Assistance Program for the Native Community in Tok
  • No. 2018-13 TWDS / Fee Agent Position in Tok
  • No. 2018-14 Oncologist at Chief Andrew Isaac Health Center
  • No. 2018-15 TCC Reinstate the JOM Program in Tok
  • No. 2018-16 Canyon Village Traditional Land Selections
  • No. 2018-17 Support for Updating Alaska Habitat Laws to Protect Salmon Spawning and Rearing Areas
  • No. 2018-18 Obtain Full Health Funding and Protect Medicaid Funding for the Alaska Tribal Health System
  • No. 2018-19 Protect Our Tribal Members from Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence, and Substance Abuse
  • No. 2018-20 Request to Amend Article Seven of the TCC Bylaws
  • No. 2018-21 Tribal Stewardship Plans for Traditional Territories
  • No. 2018-22 Urging Support for Marvin Roberts, Eugene Vent, George Frese and Kevin Pease in Seeking Just Compensation for Their Wrongful Convictions
  • No. 2018-23 Provide a Cancer Awareness Support Event to Honor Our People Affected by Cancer
  • No. 2018-24 Support For Tribal Transportation Unity Caucus (TTUC) Discussion Draft Bill, “John P. Smith Tribal Road Safety And Transportation Infrastructure Act Of 2018”
  • No. 2018-25 Native People to be Aware of the Signs and Symptoms of Cancer
  • No. 2018-26 Equity for the Criminal Justice System and Alaska Natives
  • No. 2018-27 Family Treatment Center in Tanana
  • No. 2018-28 Conduct Feasibility Study to Increase Chena Bingo Profits
  • No. 2018-29 Protect Transboundary Watersheds
  • No. 2018-30 Reaffirm Commitment to the Protection of Indian Children and Native Hire
  • No. 2018-31 Lower Yukon Sobriety Camp
  • No. 2018-32 Prevent Outside Hunters from Trespassing and Intruding on Native Traditional Hunting Grounds
  • No. 2018-33 Participate in the Alaska Tribal Unity
  • No. 2018-34 Requesting Support of TCC to Assist in Planning and Implementing Mens Gatherings in the Interior Region (Yukon-Koyukuk Subregion) Villages
  • No. 2018-35 Lower Yukon Health Services


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