2017 Full Board Resolutions

Each year our Full Board of Directors pass resolutions that will govern the direction of Tanana Chiefs Conference and it’s employees through the coming year. 

Below we have listed out the 2017 Full Board Resolutions:

2017 Full Board Resolutions

Recognition, Health, Youth & Elder


  • No. 2017-61 Recognition for the Accomplishments of the Efforts of the White Eye Traditional Knowledge Educational Program


Youth & Elder

NR, Transportation, Energy, Village Infra.

Natural Resources

  • No. 2017-20 Canyon Village Traditional Land Selections
  • No. 2017-23 The Yukon River Inter-Tribal Watershed Council
  • No. 2017-24 Protection of Critical Spawning and Rearing Habitat
  • No. 2017-31 Climate Change Impacts to Interior Alaska Native Villages
  • No. 2017-32 Tribal Energy Resource Development Organization
  • No. 2017-63 Changing State Law to Protect Our Salmon and Way of Life


  • No. 2017-71 Support of a Corridors in Healy Lake’s Transportation Inventory


Village Infrastructure

TCC Internal Issues, Comm., Legal Dept, F&A

TCC Internal Issues

  • No. 2017-37 Rural Information Technology (IT) Technicians
  • No. 2017-38 Indian Environmental General Assistance Program


  • No. 2017-04 Yukon Tanana Culture Camp
  • No. 2017-05 Opportunity and Awareness for Youth
  • No. 2017-06 Preserving Our Cultural Activities
  • No. 2017-68 Encouraging Alaska Native Language Attainment for Teacher Certification
  • No. 2017-69 Coordinated Professional Development for Teachers in Interior Alaska with a Focus on Alaska Native Languages

Legal Department

  • No. 2017-18 Land Sales by the State of Alaska
  • No. 2017-19 Assistance to Tribal Governments on ANCSA 14(c)(3) Issues
  • No. 2017-21 Partnership to Protect Traditional Hunting Grounds
  • No. 2017-26 Statewide Income Tax
  • No. 2017-28 Alaska House Bills 10 and 12
  • No. 2017-30 Advocacy for Reinstatement of Dissolved ANCSA Corporations
  • No. 2017-40 Subregional Tribal Courts
  • No. 2017-49 Application to the Administration for Native Americans Social and Economic Development Strategies (SEDS) Grant Program
  • No. 2017-54 Demanding a Federal Independent Investigation into the October 1997 Brutal Murder of John Hartman…during the Trials and Convictions of Federally Recognized Tribal Members
  • No. 2017-55 A Resolution Demanding the State of Alaska, City of Fairbanks, State Attorney’s Office, and the Governor of the State of Alaska, Investigate the Confessed Murderers  of John Hartman,  and Fairly Compensate the Fairbanks  Four  for 18 Years  of Unlawful  and False Imprisonment
  • No. 2017-56 Stop Giving Corporations and Corporate People Entitlements
  • No. 2017-57 Demand the BIA Cease Using Blood Quantum as a Basis of Identifying What Degree of Indigenous Bloodline is in Each Indigenous Person
  • No. 2017-58 Demand the USA and the DoD Cease, and Desist, from Designating Disputed and Enemy Held Territory….with Native American Leaders Names
  • No. 2017-33 The Resolution Process
  • No. 2017-59 Hunting Protections on the Highway between Manley Hot Springs and Tanana
  • No. 2017-60 Demand Congress Fund the IHS, BIA and the Bureau of Indian Education from Non-Discretionary Fund Sources…Funding Sources
  • No. 2017-65 Opposing House Joint Resolution 57
  • No. 2017-66 Opposing U.S. House Bill 610
  • No. 2017-67 Seeking Representation on the Alaska Education Challenge Committees
  • No. 2017-72 Opposing the Elimination of the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

Finance & Accounting