2016 Full Board Resolutions

Each year our Full Board of Directors pass resolutions that will govern the direction of Tanana Chiefs Conference and it’s employees through the coming year. 

Below we have listed out the 2016 Full Board Resolutions:

2016 Full Board Resolutions

Recognition, Health, Village Infrastructure


  • No. 2016-01 Honoring Danny Adams
  • No. 2016-02 A Resolution to Thank President Obama for Changing the Name of Mt. Mckinley Back to Denali
  • No. 2016-36 Election of Board of Commissioners for Interior Regional Housing Authority 
  • No. 2016-39 Recognize First Weekend of April as Alcohol-free Weekend
  • No. 2016-40 Tanana Chiefs Conference Leader Should Be Called a Chief
  • No. 2016-44 Resolution Demanding State of Alaska Adequately Compensate the Fairbanks Four for the 18 Years Unlawfully Imprisoned
  • No. 2016-45 Resolution for Alaska Delegation to Support a Hearing to Vet a U.S. Supreme Court Nominee 


  • No. 2016-03 Stop the Abuse of Alcohol and Drugs in Our Villages and the State
  • No. 2016-05 Request to Have Adequate and Timely Mental Health Treatment
  • No. 2016-06 Request to Reinstate the Pharmacy Auto Refill Program at the Chief Andrew Isaac Health Center
  • No. 2016-07 Request to Have Chief Andrew Isaac Health Center Staff Available for More Days When Traveling to the Villages
  • No. 2016-08 Phone Calls to Providers at the Chief Andrew Isaac Health Center
  • No. 2016-10 Super Clinic Expansion

Village Infrastructure

  • No. 2016-04 To Establish Plans and Funding for Sleep Off Centers in Fort Yukon and All Subregions 
  • No. 2016-09 Re-Opening the Existing Healy Lake Village Clinic
  • No. 2016-11 Resolution in Support of Tanana Chiefs Conference Purchasing Land in Tok, Alaska
  • No. 2016-12 Funds for Chalkyitsik Landfill Closure 
  • No. 2016-13 Chalkyitsik Landfill Construction
  • No. 2016-27 Request to Doyon to Fund New Home Construction in the Villages It Serves 
  • No. 2016-28 Assistance Request for Chalkyitsik Heavy Equipment Purchase
  • No. 2016-29 Public and Tribal Facilities in The Healy Lake Community

Youth & Elder, Natural Resources, Transportation

Youth & Elder

  • No. 2016-14 Support for Conducting a Feasibility Study and Securing Funding for Elder Housing in Northway
  • No. 2016-15 Arrangement for Youth Centers in the Villages of the Tanana Chiefs Conference Region
  • No. 2016-31 Youth Advisor to the Executive Board
  • No. 2016-32 Elder Advisor to the Executive Board
  • No. 2016-42 Opposing State Cuts to the Senior Benefits Program (Formerly the Longevity Bonus)

Natural Resources

  • No. 2016-16 Promotion of Alaska Native Hunting and Fishing Practicing and Management Through the End of the Use of “Subsistence” as a Word to Describe the Alaska Native Way of Life
  • No. 2016-17 The Importance of Alaska’s Water Resources and the Need for “Fish First” Regulations
  • No. 2016-18 State Fish and Game, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Respecting Each Individual Tribal Traditions, Culture, and Trapping Areas
  • No. 2016-19 Land Acquisition Buy Back Plan 
  • No. 2016-20 Hunting Protections on the Road Between Manley Hot Springs and Tanana
  • No. 2016-34 Natural and Cultural Resources Warehouse Lease 2016
  • No. 2016-41 Alaska Department of Natural Resources Station in McGrath


  • No. 2016-21 Support Efforts to Secure Transportation to the Headstart Facility in Northway 
  • No. 2016-30 Replace VPSO Snowmachine

Energy, TCC Internal Issues


  • No. 2016-22 Supporting SB 196: An Act Relating to the Use of Certain Unexpended Earnings From the Power Cost Equalization Endowment Fund
  • No. 2016-23 Chalkyitsik Generator Replacement Project 
  • No. 2016-24 Chalkyitsik Residential Electricity Re-wire Project
  • No. 2016-25 Energy Efficiency for Chalkyitsik
  • No. 2016-43 Fort Yukon Biomass Combined Heat and Power Project

TCC Internal Issues

  • No. 2016-26 Search and Rescue Grant Funding 
  • No. 2016-33 A Grant Opportunity Expanding Services Through the Planning and Development Program
  • No. 2016-35 Improve Communication Among Tanana Chiefs Conference, IRHA, and Villages
  • No. 2016-37 Resolution to Amend the Barrier Crimes Law in Rural Alaska
  • No. 2016-38 Negotiated Rule for Law Enforcement by Tribal Governments