2015 Resolutions

Every year during TCC’s Annual Convention, the Full Board of Directors pass resolutions that will govern the direction of Tanana Chiefs Conference and it’s employees through the coming year. Below we have listed the 2015 resolutions. These resolutions went before the Full Board of Directors on Thursday, March 19th.

Download the 2015 Resolutions Summaries (PDF)

2015 Full Board Resolutions

Resolutions 1 – 15



    • No. 2015-03 Alcohol and drug abuse in our villages
    • No. 2015-04 Youth programs and opportunities in the villages
    • No. 2015-05 Bring back our culture traditions and languages

Education & Employment

    • No. 2015-07 Rural right to education
    • No. 2015-08 Amendment to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act
    • No. 2015-09 Establish anti-bullying, physical & mental abuse awareness and prevention education/curriculum in the Tanana Chiefs region schools
    • No. 2015-10 Supporting the Rampart Village Council in re-opening the school for the 2015-2016 school year
    • No. 2015-11 Mentoring and leadership program development
    • No. 2015-12 Introduce a bill to make permanent and to amend the Indian Employment, Training, and Related Services Demonstration Act of 1992


    • No. 2015-13 Supporting the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority\u2019s (aidea) commitment to the interior energy project
    • No. 2015-14 Thanking the Alaska Energy Authority (aea) and the State of Alaska Legislature for funding the ruby power plant under the Rural Power System Upgrade (rpsu) program
    • No. 2015-15 Thanking the Alaska Energy Authority (aea) for managing the Village Energy Efficiency program (veep) and the Alaskan legislature for funding the VEEP program

Resolutions 16 – 33



    • No. 2015-18 To seek information on how to change the federal regulations on Native American Housing Assistance and Self-Determination (nahasda) so the tribes in Alaska can directly contract with the federal government with Indian housing programs
    • No. 2015-19 Nahasda reauthorization
    • No. 2015-20 Nahasda funding
    • No. 2015-21 Expansion of the section 184 guarantee loan program

Public Safety & Justice

    • No. 2015-22 Protecting the welfare of tribal members
    • No. 2015-23 Law enforcement and crisis response planning
    • No. 2015-24 Supporting Alaska’s current system of selection and retention of state court judges
    • No. 2015-25 A resolution demanding a federal independent investigation into the October 1997 brutal murder of John Hartman, the City of Fairbanks and State of Alaska investigations, interrogations, evidence, misconduct during the trials and convictions of federally recognized tribe members Marvin Roberts, Eugene Vent, George Frese and Kevin Pease
    • No. 2015-26 Increase the safety of Alaska women


    • No. 2015-27 2015 Natural cultural resources warehouse lease
    • No. 2015-28 Calling for tribal governments to have access to excessed equipment at Defense Reutilization Marketing Office (drmo)
    • No. 2015-29 Requesting reliable mail delivery service to Nikolai
    • No. 2015-30 Keeping revenues from water & sewer project equipment sales in the villages
    • No. 2015-31 Support for the completion of the rampart road
    • No. 2015-32 Chalkyitsik water and sewer upgrades: self-haul system
    • No. 2015-33 Cooperative efforts for funding to build new dump site; an access road to new landfill; and closure of existing landfill in Chalkyitsik

Resolutions 34 -52

Tribal Government Planning & Communication

    • No. 2015-34 Trust Lands in Alaska
    • No. 2015-35 Supporting legislation that resolves native allotment title recovery in Alaska
    • No. 2015-36 For the state of Alaska to acknowledge and honor the sovereignty of Alaska’s federally recognized tribes through an executive order
    • No. 2015-37 Tribal BIA strategic plan
    • No. 2015-38 A resolution to demand the bureau of Indian affairs cease using blood quantum as a basis of identifying what degree of indigenous bloodline is in each indigenous person


    • No. 2015-39 Support for the proposal to enact permanent mandatory appropriations for the contract support costs under the Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act
    • No. 2015-40 Demand congress to fund the Indian Health Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Bureau of Indian Education from non-discretionary fund sources, or what congress decides Native Americans are worth, and to fund the Native American programs and agencies from non-discretionary, funding sources
    • No. 2015-41 A resolution to demand the tribal transportation program include added funding to reflect the Alaska Tribes increased mileage into the tribal transportation program
    • No. 2015-42 Funding for the tribal transportation program to come out of non-discretionary funding sources
    • No. 2015-43 Tribal interior budget council (tibc) nomination
    • No. 2015-44 Rural program funding
    • No. 2015-45 Stop giving corporate people entitlements
    • No. 2015-46 Urging Tanana Chiefs Conference to evaluate TCC employees, village based and Fairbanks based, in regards to hours and wages


    • No. 2015-47 Supporting Medicaid expansion in Alaska
    • No. 2015-48 Indian health services pay for transportation costs for tribal members to travel to appointments for baseline results for mammograms and colonoscopies
    • No. 2015-49 Calling for a full time oncologist position to be located in Fairbanks
    • No. 2015-50 Prohibit marketing of marijuana infused products and edibles to youth
    • No. 2015-51 To direct funding for renovation of the Bertha Moses patient hostel
    • No. 2015-52 Elder resource center
    • No. 2015-70 Yukon Flats elders living center

Resolutions 53-71

Natural Resources

    • No. 2015-53 Woodland bison hunt
    • No. 2015-54 Implementation of game wardens
    • No. 2015-55 Respectfully requesting for the dnr southwest area’s camp located in McGrath and the wild-land fire academy be restored to funding in the FY2016 state of Alaska budget
    • No. 2015-56 Call for continued and expanded meaningful self-governance annual funding agreement between the council of athabascan tribal governments and the us fish and wildlife service for selected programs, functions, services, and activities of the Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge
    • No. 2015-57 To support the enactment of the federal subsistence board proposed amendments to determine rural community status under title viii of the Alaska national interest lands conservation act
    • No. 2015-58 Reauthorization of the Magnuson Stevens Fisheries Conservation and Management Act
    • No. 2015-59 Call for Alaska Native self-determination in management of traditional hunting, fishing, trapping, and gathering resources
    • No. 2015-60 Protection of Alaska Native traditional resource management practices
    • No. 2015-61 Asserting indigenous water rights in Alaska Native traditional lands
    • No. 2015-62 Yukon River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission
    • No. 2015-63 Information sharing and transparency of agency analysis essential to the sustainable management of Yukon and Kuskokwim and tributaries salmon stocks
    • No. 2015-64 Reduction of Chinook and chum salmon by-catch in the Bering sea pollock fishery
    • No. 2015-65 Change moose hunting season due to climate change
    • No. 2015-66 Require the cutting off of both moose antlers
    • No. 2015-67 Federal moose hunt season in 21a and 21e
    • No. 2015-68 Cease antlerless and cow moose hunt in 20b, 20c, 20d and 20f
    • No. 2015-69 A resolution for hunting protections on the road between Manley hot springs and Tanana
    • No. 2015-71 Protect the porcupine caribou birthplace in the arctic national wildlife refuge coastal plain