2014 Full Board Resolutions

Each year our Full Board of Directors pass resolutions that will  govern the direction of Tanana Chiefs Conference and it’s employees through the coming year. TCC resolutions pertain to issues ranging from technology, infrastructure, employment, health, Tribes, language, funding, natural resources, and subsistence.  Below we have listed out the 2014 Full Board Resolutions:

2014 Full Board Resolutions

Resolutions 1 – 14


    • No.2014-01 – A Resolution to Honor Dr.Jon Tanner’s Service as a Dentist in the Tanana Chiefs Conference Region
    • No.2014-02 – Traditional Chiefs Day
    • No.2014-03 – Louden Tribal Council’s Official Thank You for Assistance helping Galena recover after the 2013 Flood


    • No.2014-04 – Suicide Prevention Application for Smartphones
    • No.2014-05 – Need for a Search and Rescue/Recovery Committee via Social Media
    • No.2014-58 – Better Internet and Cell Phone Communication in the TCC Region


    • No.2014-06 – Chalkyitsik Landfill Open and Close
    • No.2014-07 – Chalkyitsik Water and Sewer System



    • No.2014-13 – More Employment Needed in the Villages
    • No.2014-14 – Winter Employment for Youth

Resolutions 15-27


    • No.2014-15 – Support of the Proposed Rail Line in the Upper Tanana
    • No.2014-16 – Ruby Road
    • No.2014-17 – A Resolution for the Federal Government to add IRR Funding to Reflect the 229 Federally Recognized Tribes in Alaska’s additional mileage into overall IRR Program
    • No.2014-54 – McGrath – Opposing Ambler Road

Housing & Facilities

    • No.2014-18 – Interior Regional Housing Authority Modifications
    • No.2014-19 – HIP Housing Improvement Program Funding
    • No.2014-20 – TCC Natural and Cultural Resources (NCR) Warehouse Lease


    • No.2014-21 – Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center and Transitional Housing
    • No.2014-22 – TCC Behavioral Health bill Medicaid for Recipient Support Services
    • No.2014-23 – Pursue Home and Community-Based Services 1915(i)

Tribal Government

    • No.2014-24 – Supporting the Recommendations from the Indian Law and Order Commission Calling for Changes in the Justice System for Alaska Natives
    • No.2014-25 – Sub-Regional Representation Reports to be made to Tribal Councils pertaining to Meetings Attended for Sub-Regional Benefit
    • No.2014-26 – Public Relations for our Tribes
    • No.2014-27 – Program Funding for Tribal Court Actions
    • No.2014-50 – A Resolution to Quit Using Blood Quantum to Identify Indigenous Tribal Members
    • No.2014-53 – Ensuring TCC Tribes and Member Entities are Properly Credentialed

Resolutions 28 – 36

Education & Training

    • No.2014-28 – Opposition of Regionalization of Schools
    • No.2014-29 – Encouraging Lower Electric Costs through Increased Power Plant Efficiency
    • No.2014-47 – A Resolution to Apply an Immersion Program into Rural School Curriculum for Indigenous School Children
    • No.2014-55 – 2014 US Department of Education Alaska Native Education Program
    • No.2014-56 – Establishing Athabascan Summer Immersion Camps

Native Languages

    • No.2014-30 – Native Language Preservation through Mentor Apprentice Programs
    • No.2014-31 – Supporting HB 216
    • No.2014-32 – Official Place Names in Gwich’in
    • No.2014-33 – Officially Recognizing the Gwich’in Names of Rivers


    • No.2014-34 – Stop Giving Corporation or Corporate People Entitlements
    • No.2014-35 – To Demand that in Order to Fully Fund Contract Support Costs that the Funding not be taken out of any IHS/BIA Funding
    • No.2014-36 – Make Tribal Funding Mandatory and Fully Fund Contract Support Costs

Resolutions 37 -51

Natural Resources & Subsistence

    • No.2014-37 – Fishing, Hunting, Gathering Task Force
    • No.2014-38 – Indian Environmental General Assistance Program (IGAP)
    • No.2014-39 – Opposing State of Alaska Yuki River Recreational Land Sale
    • No.2014-40 – Support Protection of Chinook Salmon Spawning Population in the Draanjik River of Northeastern Alaska
    • No.2014-41 – Draanjik Protection from Development & Mining
    • No.2014-42 – Amendment of the Magnuson-Stevens Act
    • No.2014-43 – Support for WP14-32
    • No.2014-44 – Calling for a Reversal of the Preferred Alternative for the Bureau Land Management’s Eastern Interior Resource Management Plan
    • No.2014-45 – Supporting the Establishment of a new Federal Subsistence Region in Northeastern Interior Alaska in Accordance with ANILCA, Title VIII, 805(a)(1)
    • No.2014-46 – Combining McGrath Subregion Emergency Fire Fighting Crew Members to Fill Nikolai EFF Crew
    • No.2014-48 – A Resolution Opposed to a Borough Formation in the Tanana Chiefs Region
    • No.2014-49 – A Resolution to Halt Commercial Fishing during Projected Weak Salmon Runs and During Weak Salmon Runs
    • No.2014-52 – Opposing HB 77
    • No.2014-57 – Requesting BLM to meaningfully consult with Tribes regarding Management Plans


    • No. 2014-51 – Calling for an Independent Federal Review of the Hartman Case