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Resolution 2017-64: Patient Travel Program

WHEREAS, There are significant patient travel needs across all health disciplines for referrals from the rural areas to specialty or higher levels of care; and

WHEREAS, Multiple staff across the healthcare system make travel arrangement for patients creating confusion for patients and family needing travel; and

WHEREAS, Making travel arrangements is time consuming and detracts from staff time who’s primary duties are to provide direct care services such as community health aides, community health representatives , program assistants and physicians; and

WHEREAS, Clinical staff time should be dedicated to direct care services, working to the top of their license/certification.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Tanana Chiefs Conference Full Board of Directors adequately staff a Patient Travel Program to meet the round trip travel needs of all eligible Tribal Health System referred patients in the Tanana Chiefs Conference Health Services Region.

Submitted by: Ruby Tribal Council


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