Patient Experience Program

We’re Here to Help!

Answer questions about our health systems and processes Provide patient shuttle services
Accompany patients to appointments and take notes Provide expertise to employees on patient experience
Manage patient grievances and facilitate responses Document comment card information submitted by patients and distribute kudos to employees
ANMC-CAIHC Patient Navigator assists patients, escorts and families in navigating a complex health system. Serves as liaison between family members and hospital/clinical staff to ensure both the patient’s and family’s desires, expectations and needs are considered and met through Patient and Family Centered Care.

Meet the Patient Experience Team

Leilani Sauer
Patient Experience Manager

Kristy Suspook
Patient Navigator ANMC-TCC

Shayla Carney
Patient Navigator 

Amanda Burgett
Patient Transport Specialist

Meranda Clark
Patient Navigator



Patient Feedback

Online surveys are available for patients who have received Health Services. We appreciate your feedback as it helps us know how we are doing and make changes as needed.

We want to hear about your comments, concerns, or suggestions so we can correct problems. You may be asked to put your comments in writing. When submitting information, please give as detailed information as possible. If you like, you can use this format in submitting complaints:

    • The problem: Clearly state what’s wrong with your health care
    • The solution: Politely state what you believe will resolve your concern
    • The recap: State why you’re disappointed in your health care
    • The deadline: Provide a date by which you’d like a response

Please email complaints or concerns to our Patient Experience Manager/Patient Navigator or mail it to:

1717 W. Cowles Street
Fairbanks, AK 99701

Written complaints will receive a response within 30 days or sooner.

Patient Experience Program

The Health Services’ Patient Experience Program is here to assist you. If you need assistance navigating through your health care delivery system, please ask to speak with our Patient Experience Manager.

If you have a complaint, concern or suggestion regarding any aspect of your care, please ask to speak directly to the person involved, that person’s supervisor or the department director. If you have voiced your concern to the department director and feel it has not been resolved, or if you wish to make a formal complaint, please speak with the Patient Advocate/Navigator.

Our Patient Experience Manager/Navigators can also help you appeal a Purchased Referred Care (PRC). Please bring with you the following:

    • PRC denial with date of service
    • Medical records report for denied services
    • Bills from private facilities where you received care

Our  Patient Handbook (2MB) is a comprehensive source for information on Health Services.

We make every effort to achieve a high quality of health services by adopting this Patient Rights and Responsibilities Policy.  If you have any questions about this policy please consult our Patient Experience Manager.