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Our Official Logo

Our Official Logo

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President & CEO

Victor Joseph


Fairbanks, AK

Who we are

Tanana Chiefs Conference (TCC) is a consortium of 42 member tribes in interior Alaska, acting as a non-profit organization for the region by offering a wide array of health and social services to our beneficiaries.

What we do

Tanana Chiefs Conference (TCC) provides health, social, and other services while supporting and advocating on behalf of our tribal leadership and tribes.

Who we serve

Tanana Chiefs Conference serves more than 14,000 Alaska Natives in interior Alaska.

Our region

The Tanana Chiefs Conference region covers an area of 235,000 square miles in interior Alaska, encompassing 39 villages.

Learn more about the Communities in Our Region.

Our Organizational Structure

The Full Board of Directors are 42 representatives selected by the village councils of member communities, which meets each spring in Fairbanks during the TCC Annual Convention.

The nine-member Executive Board is elected by the Board of Directors. The president of the Board of Directors is elected by the full board and serves as the chief executive officer of the corporation.

Our Funding Sources

Programs funded by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the Department of Labor and the Alaska Native Health Services are available to tribal governments, and eligible Alaska Native and American Indians. Services financed by the state of Alaska are provided for all residents of the region.