How Our Tribes Determine the Priorities and Direction of TCC

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There are several avenues through which TCC receives its direction and determines its priorities and positions. TCC takes direction from our member tribes in all strategic planning and service implementation including how we approach local, state and federal land development.

There are three official ways in which tribes have access to impact TCC positions.

  • The TCC Full Board Annual Meeting and Resolution Process:
    Recently, the TCC Full Board changed the resolution process mandating proposed annual resolutions are due a month before convention. This will provide the tribal councils time to meet and consider each resolution and bring a vetted tribal position to convention to inform and impact the resolution discussion. It is vital, each tribe uses the annual convention to insert the tribal position because the TCC staff will act on these resolutions. If your tribe would like to take a position please draft a resolution and submit before the deadline.
  • The Executive Board Meetings and Resolution Process:
    The Executive Board meets around six times a year and staff presents updates on TCC initiatives including resolutions.
  • The Subregional Advisory Board Meetings:
    The Subregional Advisory Councils meet at least twice a year and during this time tribes are able to discuss local development issues and take positions to forward to the Executive Board and Full Board.

An example of this would be in 2014, at the Annual TCC Convention, the TCC Full Board of Directors passed the resolution 2014-54 to oppose “current plans to build the Ambler Road…”  TCC has acted on this resolution to ensure village positions are inserted in the Environmental Impact Statement and the ANILCA Title XI reviews as part of the National Environmental Policy Act process as well as arranged for meetings with high level State officials. Through the administrative process meetings, BLM has heard some Interior villages are not opposed to the Ambler Road.

Some member tribes have questioned why TCC is taking the lead in opposition of the road. Again, TCC takes direction from the resolutions passed by the tribes.

We ask TCC tribes take a serious look at the resolution process and ensure your tribal voice is heard.