Solid Waste Management

Village Based Solid Waste Management Support

Good management of your community’s solid waste stream will help to protect human health and the environment!

The overall goal of this program is to improve the local operation and management capacity of rural solid waste management facilities in Interior Alaska, supporting the development of healthy and sustainable communities. We strive to accomplish this through completing the following objectives:

  • Provide on-site and distant comprehensive technical assistance to village councils, utility managers, and solid waste operators concerning solid waste management solutions.
  • Provide a Solid Waste Management training class to enhance solid waste utility staff knowledge and skills.
  • Provide on-site solid waste management education to K-12 students attending rural Alaskan schools.
  • Update and maintain environmental assessments of solid waste sites including contamination threats to water resources and air quality.


Recycling in rural Alaska has gained more momentum over the years. This is due in large part to communities wanting to keep these materials out of their landfills. There are numerous opportunities to help your community start-up and sustain a recycling program. Give us a call or check out the following programs to begin planning a recycling program for your community: ALPAR’s recycling program, Green Star of Interior Alaska’s program, and other ADEC resources.