Institutional Environmental Health

The primary focus of Institutional Environmental Health is healthcare facilities. OEH also works with village-based programs that provide service to vulnerable populations, such as children and elders, to ensure these facilities are safe for staff, clients, and visitors.

Head Start

  • Annual environmental health and safety inspections.
  • Food safety and sanitation.
  • Training in food safety, communicable disease prevention, play area safety, and related topics.

Village Health Clinics

  • Annual environmental health and safety surveys.
  • Accreditation consultation.
  • Conduct design reviews of new village clinics.
  • Environmental compliance.
  • Training upon request.

Environment of Care

OEH supports environmental health and safety at Fairbanks based facilities by participating in activities with Health Services’ Safety Officer:

  • Advises as part of the Health Services Safety & Infection Control Committee.
  • Participates in hazard rounds at CAIHC and other local facilities.