Emergency Management

Emergency management focuses on creating plans and being prepared to decrease the ill effects of disasters.

Planning & Preparedness

Natural disasters are a common occurrence in Interior Alaska. We are prone to earthquakes, wildfires, extreme winter conditions, and seasonal flooding. OEH staff works within the TCC Emergency Response Team to ensure tribal governments and public health infrastructure are prepared for emergencies.

Hazard & Risk Assessment

OEH also participates in responses to village disasters. Most often staff travel to villages post-disaster to conduct hazard and risk assessments of infrastructure. Clinics, public water systems and other facilities are inspected to ensure the health and safety of returning workers is protected and drinking water is safe.

Risk Communication

OEH maintains a collection of fact sheets and guidance documents about post-disaster risks such as drinking water safety, food safety, wastewater cleanup and oil spills. We also post health and safety messages on the TCC Facebook page after a disaster event.