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BLM Report to Congress, Hazardous Substance Contamination of Alaska Native Claim Settlement Act Lands in Alaska
Link to BLM Report

In 2016 the Bureau of Land Management delivered a report to Congress that provided updates about contaminated sites that were conveyed under the Alaska Native Claim Settlement Act (ANCSA). Of hundreds of previously contaminated sites only about one third have been cleaned up. The 2016 updated BLM report establishes a step towards cleanup of these contaminated lands. The full report and inventory of sites can be accessed at    

The Alaska Native Village Corporation Association (ANVCA) is aiming to change current federal policy on land clean up and remediation. They are supporting the introduction and passage of the Contaminated Lands Transfer Liability Act (CLTA). They are leading the effort in Washington to address this very important issue. Read more about their priorities around this issue on their ANCSA Contaminated Land webpage.