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Low-Income Weatherization Program

For qualified households we:

The program is available to eligible low-income rural Alaskans and can help save families or individuals money by lowering the cost of heating their homes.

Urban Alaskans may contact Interior Weatherization Inc. for weatherization services.

Who is eligible?

Households which have an income which does not exceed the federally determined median income in 2013 are eligible. Income is based on the household’s last 12 months’ income. Renters and homeowners are eligible.

Individuals/ Household

Maximum Income


Once a home has been weatherized, it is not eligible for assistance for 5 years.   Download the Weatherization Application (886KB).

Villages Served

      • 2010
        • Nulato
        • Koyukuk
      • 2011
        • Anvik
        • Holy Cross
        • Minto
        • Manley Hot Springs
      • 2012
        • Venetie
        • Chalkyitsik
      • 2013
        • Birch Creek
        • Beaver
        • Northway
        • Tetlin
        • Fort Yukon
        • Hughes
        • Huslia
      • 2014
        • Tanana


Housing Improvement Program

The Housing Improvement Program (HIP) is a grant program to help Indians repair and renovate existing housing and in some special cases, build new homes. The program is for those who are unable to obtain housing assistance from other sources.

We do not make the final decisions on who is selected for improvements. We send the applicants information to the Alaska Regional Housing Office in Juneau for review.  They look at the data from all villages in the TCC region and they make the final decision.

For a more detailed description of what HIP is visit the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Recent BIA HIP projects