Get Assistance



We can provide financial help in paying for child care services while working, attending school, attending training, participating in a treatment program, performing subsistence activities or job search. 


Temporary Assistance

We offer a variety of temporary assistance services when an individual or family is in need.

Some services available to eligible applicants include general assistance, burial assistance, and assistance during an emergency.

Wood Pile

Energy Assistance

We can help pay a portion of home energy needs including heating expenses and some weatherization for individuals who meet certain requirements.

Legal Department

Legal Resources

Legal issues can be complex.  We offer legal resources to Tribes in a variety of ways including through offering Tribal Government Services, advocacy, and with Indian Child Welfare cases.

We have many resources for individuals seeking legal information and work with partner organizations across the State.

Workplace Purchases

Workplace Purchases

We strive to assist individuals in securing gainful employment by helping them break down some barriers of getting to work.



Our Education Department can help Alaska Native and American Indian individuals with financial awards or guidance for Higher Education, Adult Vocational Training, completing your high school equivalent examinations, or planning your next step in your education.