ALASKA TRIBES – The Story of Federal Indian Law in Alaska

Alaska tribes have journeyed on a unique path in the settlement of their aboriginal claims. This 55 minute documentary beautifully illustrates the history of that path and the impacts of federal laws and policies on Alaska Native people. It covers the political and legal history of the tribes from the Russian presence in Alaska, the sale of Alaska to the United States in 1867, the early acts and cases that established the federal trust responsibility for Alaska Native people, and the build up to the passage of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) in 1971. The film captures what ANCSA accomplished and the issues left unresolved; the Native way of life called ‘subsistence’ and the status of Alaska tribes and their jurisdiction.

The same basic principles of federal Indian law apply to both the Alaska Native people and to tribes in the Lower 48. However, the complexities of Alaska Native corporations, all but one of the roughly 230 tribes without reservations, and the complex web of state and federal law surrounding Native hunting and fishing are daunting. This film tells this story in a user-friendly format, with beautiful footage taken all overAlaska.

Alaska Tribes: The Story of Federal Indian Law in Alaska is intended for use in a wide variety of forums and recommended for all persons interested in Alaska’s history and its aboriginal people. It is a valuable educational tool for schools (grades 11 through college), state and federal agencies, and for all those who interact with Alaska tribes and corporations.

Videography for this documentary was done by Igor Sopronenko at Signature Media Production, LLC.

TRIBAL NATIONS – The Story of Federal Indian Law

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This 60 minute documentary is a beautifully illustrated introductory history of how federal Indian law has developed in the United States and the impacts federal policies have had on American Indian people. It covers basic principles of federal Indian law from the arrival of Columbus through the self-determination era of today, ending with a look to the future of tribes and American Indian and Alaska Native people.

Viewers totally new to the field of Indian law, as well as the most experienced in the field, will build on their knowledge of the history of federal law and policy regarding tribes. Audiences will recognize the traumatic affects of shifting federal law and policy on health and welfare of tribes and their members, and will acquire informational tools for promoting respect, cooperation and relationship building between tribal and non-tribal entities.

This DVD is a very user- friendly format that can be used in a wide variety of educational forums by both instructors familiar with federal Indian law and by those with no or limited knowledge. The film is recommended for tribal members, staff and leadership, people who work with tribes, attorneys, judges, agencies, grades 11 through college, and the general public. The film may be viewed in its entirety, or in two 30 minute pieces.

Bison on the Plains

Videography for this documentary was done by Igor Sopronenko of Signature Media Production, LLC

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