Family-Centered Care Teams

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An exciting new change is coming to the Chief Andrew Isaac Health Center!

There is a change coming to the way medical care will be provided at Chief Andrew Isaac Health Center. Currently, Pediatric and Women’s Health care is being provided by specialist practitioners separately from Family and Internal Medicine. We will be changing this by moving Pediatric and Women’s Health providers into the three primary care teams, Deneege, Teekona and Tudi.

Our reason for doing this is to create teams that can truly take care of patients and families from birth to the end of life. We believe this will improve the care we give our patients because the teams will come to know the family as a whole, and will work together to meet all your needs. By incorporating the specialty providers with primary care, we will be offering a more comprehensive approach by expanding access to the specialty provider’s expertise. The result will be higher quality and more efficient care with uniform practice guidelines across the clinic.

The change will also bring more resources toward patient care and improve coordination as case managers, care coordinators and team nurses are concentrated into three teams, rather than being spread out among five. This will help improve communication between the providers and case managers and will allow the team to focus more on patient centered care

The integration of the specialty providers into the primary care teams will result in a change to the clinical layout. Urgent Care will move to the Specialty side and will have its own check in desk and waiting room, separating patients who are sick from those who are not. We will also be placing a triage station with a registered nurse in the waiting room so that we can better monitor the status of patients who check into Urgent Care. Patients with Family Medicine, Pediatric and Women’s Health appointments will check in at the current Urgent Care and Family Medicine desk.

The move will take place at the end of August and there will be no disruption to patient care. There will be staff available to inform patients of the new check in process and direct them to the correct check in desk.

As always we continue to find ways to improve your care at Chief Andrew Isaac Health Center.