Fall 2018 Alaska Master Gardener Class

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Registration for the Fall 2018 Alaska Master Gardener Class just opened today! This class is an intensive gardening course and fills up every year with a waitlist. If you’re interested, don’t wait to Register (https://elearning.uaf.edu/courses/). I’m also offering a limited number of tuition waivers this year. If you’re interested, you should sign up for the course at the same time you complete the waiver. If you don’t receive the waiver, you can either drop the class (you won’t be charged until it starts) or just pay for the course.

Tuition Waiver: https://goo.gl/forms/eQiba1Dqrtg98RIf2

Short YouTube video about the course: https://youtu.be/7nhRWPSHD4E

More Information about the course: http://www.uaf.edu/ces/gardening/mastergardeners/online/