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Healthy, Strong, Unified Tribes: TCC’s 2013 Convention

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Tanana Chiefs Conference’s 2013 Annual Delegate and Full Board of Director’s Meeting took place from March 11th to the 14th at the Westmark Hotel in Fairbanks. The convention emphasized the theme ‘Health, Strong Unified Tribes’ which was recently adopted by the Executive Board as TCC’s new vision statement.

“TCC new vision represents what we at TCC strive to bring to our tribes,” said TCC President Jerry Isaac, “At convention we made sure to present topics that are relevant to the tribes and that represent their main concerns. We also made sure to provide the opportunity for input and discussion.”

The meeting covered many topics of concern to the tribes including; hunting and fishing rights/subsistence, housing, employment, energy, and health.

Spring Flood Planning

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Spring is in the air, and breakup is just around the corner. Spring flood planning and work can begin now to save you time and worry later. Tanana Chiefs Conference’ Office of Environmental Health (OEH) offers these tips to help you get ready for possible flooding:


  • Find the high points around your property and other parts of the village where you can move items above flood level if needed.
  • Make a list of any equipment (generators, snow machines, and chainsaws) that will need to be moved to higher ground during a flood.
  • Locate any fuel storage that will need to be secured during a flood.
  • Start putting together an emergency kit of items needed if you must leave your home.
  • Ask your Tribal or City Administrator about the community flood preparations.  This may include a local area to evacuate to, designated people to observe the river level and alert the community.

Strategies for our Future: TCC implements new strategic plan to address the concerns of the tribes

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In the first part of 2012, the Tanana Chiefs Conference Executive Board launched a multi-year planning process that included in-depth discussion of how to achieve vibrant, sustainable communities. In turning the tide of out-migration, village needs were identified including education, protection of our food resources, employment and training, and care for our elders-to name a few. It was recognized that addressing the many needs must be done in partnership of many including tribes, state and federal agencies, and other stakeholder organizations.

TCC Seeks to Reinstate long forgotten Native Allotment Cases

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TCC’s Native allotment reinstatement project began about 6-7 years ago when a woman came into the TCC Realty office asking what happened to her father’s 160-acre allotment. He had originally applied for 160 acres but received only 123 acres. No one in the family knew why his allotment had been reduced. This inquiry launched TCC’s reinstatement project. Over the years, Eileen Grant, the Allotment Specialist in TCC’s Realty Program working in partnership with Carol Yeatman, formerly the Supervising Attorney of the Native Allotment Program at Alaska Legal Services, has successfully gotten numerous allotment cases reinstated.

TCC Leadership attend Tribal Nations Conference in Washington, D.C.

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In early December TCC Leadership travelled to Washington, D.C. to attend the White House Tribal Nations Conference, where hundreds of tribal leaders from throughout the country gathered to discuss important issues.

In 2008, President Barack Obama promised to meet regularly with tribal leaders in an effort to strengthen the relationships between the tribes and the U.S. Government. So far, he has kept his promise by attending the Tribal Nations Conference each year of his presidency.