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Fort Yukon’s Clarence Alexander recieves The Presidential Citizen’s Medal

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   On October 20th, Athabascan Elder, Clarence Alexander, was awarded the Presidential Citizen’s Medal by President Barack Obama at the White House.
The Presidential Citizen’s Medal is the second-highest civilian honor awarded by the White House, and Alexander was one of 13 people in the nation to recieve it. The medal is awarded to those individuals who have “performed exemplary deeds of service for their country or their fellow citizens.”
Sometimes called the “grandfather of tribal government” for his long-held role as Chief of Fort Yukon, he has worked extensively to clean up the Yukon River, resulting in the closure of numerous open-burning dumps and the removal or recycling of millions pounds of waste.
According to the White House Website, Clarence was given this award for “demonstrating how much good a dedicated leader can accomplish.”

Congratulations, Clarence!

TCC to bring High-Speed Broadband to The Villages

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In 2009, Tanana Chiefs Conference decided to make it a goal to get better broadband services out to the villages. This would open up the opportunity for rural residents to have faster internet access and for them to be able to have the same opportunities as residents in urban areas. Broadband is commonly defined as high-speed internet access that is always ‘on’ and faster than the traditional dial-up access. Broadband differs from dial-up because it is able to transfer large amounts of data that may not be technically feasible with dial-up service, making broadband a necessity for gaining access to the full range of services and opportunities offered by the internet.