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Hunting & Fishing Advocates Come Together to Strengthen Local Advisory Committees

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The Hunting and Fishing Task Force and UAF Tribal Management thank all of the tireless hunting and fishing advocates who traveled to Fairbanks on November 7-8, 2018 to work together to strengthen their Local Advisory Committees. Strong Advisory Committees are critical to ensuring state fish and game regulations are in place to meet your local needs. The level of engagement and interest demonstrated the knowledge, expertise, and desire of our people to be more effective in the public process. TCC and UAF were especially grateful for the active participation by ADF&G Boards Support regional coordinator, Nissa Pilcher, for her expertise and assistance in support this two-day workshop.
Your advocates are working hard to make a better day for our peoples, please thank them when you see them for giving their time to the Task Force.
The Hunting Fishing Task Force will continue to support active engagement of Local Advisory Committees in our region.

Director of Office of Head Start visits Hughes & Tanana

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TCC Prenatal to Five Head Start Program was pleasantly surprised last month when the Director of the Office of Head Start in Washington D.C., Dr. Deborah Bergeron, stepped off

 the plane in Hughes along with the Deputy Secretary of DHHS, Eric Hargen. She took time to visit with Elizabeth Strassburg our Family Visitor in Hughes, who had set up a 

wonderful culturally appropriate socialization event for the children and their parents, with elder and language bearer, Madeline Williams, in attendance to help the children learn Athabascan words for the native plants and berries. Dr. Bergeron took the time to sing a little song with the children and encouraged our Head Start children to “Reach for the Stars”!

Tribal Government Training

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The Tribal Development Department is hosting this three day training that will focus on number of important topics essential to strong tribal governments.  It’s also a great opportunity to share and learn best practices with other tribal staff and council members.

Wellness Warrior Basketball Clinics

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TCC Prevention Through Wellness Project and Challenge Life LLC will be hosting a Wellnesss Warrior Basketball Clinic and Wellness Event in several communities in November, December and January. This is a great opportunity for youth throughout the region. 

Youth also have the change to APPLY to become a Wellness Warrior! Learn more here: Youth Wellness Warriors Application

What is Happening With Our Traditional Land?

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The US Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is creating two land plans to decide the next 30 years of allowable uses for our traditional land. BLM will make land plans called Resource Management Plans for the Central Yukon / Dalton Highway Corridor and the Bering Sea Western Interior planning areas between November 2018 and April 2019 on a fast-tracked schedule. These two planning areas cover the middle third of the state, from the shores of the Arctic Ocean down the Dalton Highway and into the heart of the Yukon & Kuskokwim Rivers and west to the Bering Sea. Land being planned is 26.5 million acres altogether in two separate planning processes.