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Family-Centered Care Teams

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An exciting new change is coming to the Chief Andrew Isaac Health Center!

There is a change coming to the way medical care will be provided at Chief Andrew Isaac Health Center. Currently, Pediatric and Women’s Health care is being provided by specialist practitioners separately from Family and Internal Medicine. We will be changing this by moving Pediatric and Women’s Health providers into the three primary care teams, Deneege, Teekona and Tudi.

Our reason for doing this is to create teams that can truly take care of patients and families from birth to the end of life. We believe this will improve the care we give our patients because the teams will come to know the family as a whole, and will work together to meet all your needs. By incorporating the specialty providers with primary care, we will be offering a more comprehensive approach by expanding access to the specialty provider’s expertise. The result will be higher quality and more efficient care with uniform practice guidelines across the clinic.

Elders Work to Develop Region-Wide Protocols on Use of Chief’s Necklaces

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Denakkanaaga Meeting held May 23rd to discuss protocols surrounding Chief’s necklaces

The Chief’s necklace has long been used in Athabascan culture to symbolize leadership. You often see the large, dentallium shell necklaces draped across the necks of prominent native leaders and chiefs during large meetings such as the Alaska Federation of Natives Annual Convention and Tanana Chiefs Conference’s Annual Convention.

However, in recent years, the necklaces seem to be showing up everywhere. You see them being presented to politicians, public service officers, and others who are not part of the native community. You see them being worn by those not in leadership positions. You see them being worn in grocery stores.

All of these situations bring up the question- are people forgetting the significance of these necklaces? But also, what are the rules of Chief’s necklaces? Who is allowed to wear them? Who is allowed to gift them? When should they be worn? Where should they be worn? What is their significance?

The Path to Ch’eghwtsen’

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Close your eyes and think about a moment in your life where you felt loved unconditionally. A time where you felt supported, understood, and appreciated.

There is a word for that feeling – Ch’eghwtsen’.

Ch’eghwtsen’, when translated from the Lower Tanana dialect, means ‘True Love’. The word is one that has been spoken at length by one of our most revered native leaders- the Late Traditional Chief Peter John, who described it as ‘pure’ and ‘powerful’.

For years, Tanana Chiefs Conference (TCC) looked for a word that could accurately describe what they wanted to achieve. When Ch’eghwtsen’ was presented, it was exactly what they had been looking for – a culturally relevant word that embodied the fundamental concepts of compassion and empathy.

However, the road to Ch’eghwtsen’ was not straightforward. It took a lot of planning, preparation, people, and just a little bit of serendipity.

PUBLIC COMMENT – Energy Assistance

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TCC plan to provide services under the Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) for FY2020, which can be reviewed HERE

Persons wishing to comment on the proposed plan can comment by hearing, in person, or by phone.

August 16th, 23rd, & 30th, 2019
Chief Peter John Tribal Building  – 5th Floor
122 1st Ave – Fairbanks, AK 99701