An ‘Inside Guide’ to Community Plans

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As a part of a series of videos by the Tanana Chiefs Conference’s Communications Division, the Inside Guide provides a look into services provided across our region.

Each Inside Guide provides insightful and useful information that can help our tribal members best utilize our services.

This month’s Inside Guide focuses on creating Community Plans.Community Plans are an important aspect and a very useful tool. Village Planning and Development at TCC helps our communities to put in place a community plan that can be a guide for each of them to grow. Each year two temporary positions are awarded to a tribe that commits to making a plan for their communities. TCC’s Village Planning and Development then helps that tribe with technical assistance and grant writing.

Renee Linton says, “A community plan is a way to help build a map and to really envision goals and what your future looks like.” They are important as they also help to provide outsiders a look at the community and where they are going in the future. The topics could range from creating a community garden to combating alcohol and drug use.

Several TCC Region Villages have successful plans in place. But several others are in need of them. Tribes who complete a Community Plan can generate more rural jobs for their residents and other opportunities that those without them may not have access to.

For more information on how your community could begin a Community Plan or to view our Inside Guide on this topic and many more from TCC, you can visit our YouTube Page or “Like” us on Facebook.

You can also contact Village Planning and Development Directly at TCC to inquire about the two temporary positions that are offered at 452-8251 ext. 3598.