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Summary: Programs critical to tribal members are in danger, some will be eliminated. Contact your State Representatives, before July 12th, to call a Special Session in Juneau. This can be done using the form found at the following url (external link).

Governor vetos almost half a billion from operating budget

Last week Governor Dunleavy vetoed an additional $444 million from the State of Alaska operating budget. This is in addition to the $190 million of cuts passed by the Legislature. Governor Dunleavy’s budget vetos and plans for additional budget cuts are so severe the institutions and programs Alaskans rely on are in jeopardy.
The Legislature has until July 12 to call a special session to discuss overrides and then actually vote to override the Governors vetos.

Steps to take action

Letter to the Representative

TCC has drafted the following letter for this urgent event

Dear Representative,
I write to request that you support a Special Session in Juneau to discuss an override to the Governor’s vetoes. Governor Dunleavy’s additional budget cuts will likely collapse the institutions and programs that we rely on.

The vetos to Medicaid, public safety, University of Alaska, the complete elimination of Head Start, Senior Benefits, and all state funding of public broadcasting will severely impact the ability to live a productive life in Rural Alaska.

While the Governor ran on a promise of better public safety through a roll back of criminal justice reform (SB 91), he has vetoed funding for the VPSO’s needed to arrest criminals, and underfunded the prosecutors, judges and court staff needed to hold criminals accountable.

The veto which cut State travel will cut off District 6 communities to State services.

We need you to speak up for all of your constituents. Please gavel in to session in Juneau and roll back the Governor’s cuts to these critical services.

Thank you,

What has been cut?

What has been cut? Medicaid The veto of $77 million from the Medicaid budget, on top of the $70 million in cuts approved by the legislature, threaten the health and wellbeing of Alaskans and will surely send the state’s economy back into recession, which will result in the loss of thousands of jobs. There has been inadequate explanation about how these cuts will be executed or who they will impact. Alaskans deserve to know how unallocated cuts to Medicaid will impact children, the disabled, the elderly, and rural hospitals. Complete elimination of adult preventative dental will result in untreated disease and more expensive trips to emergency rooms.

Other TCC priorities that got defunded:

    • VPSO- $3 million
    • Public Broadcasting- $2.6 million
    • Elimination of all early learning (including HeadStart)- $8.8 million
    • Adult Public Assistance- $7.5 million
    • Elimination of Senior Benefits Program- $21 million
    • Alaska Housing Finance Corporation- $9 million.

Click here for the full list of cuts to State of Alaska line items. (pdf)
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