Category Name
Education Rural Education in Alaska: Challenges and Opportunities (2014)
Health AFN Medicaid Resolution (2018)
Health AFN Resolution IHS Interpretation of Indian Community (2018)
Health AFN Rural Human Services Proposed Resolution (2018)
Health Alaska Regional Coalition Legislative Goals Talking Points (2019)
Health Alaska Tribal Health Compact Negotiations with IHS (2018)
Health ANHB Federal Legislative and Policy Priorities Packet (2018)
Health ANHB State Legislative Priorities (2019)
Health CMS Medicaid Talking Points
Health Dear Tribal Leader Letter MISSION Act VA Healthcare (2019)
Health NCAI Indian Healthcare
Health Norton Sound Health Corporation Testimony FY2020 IHS Budget
Health STAC Victor Joseph Talking Points DHHS (May 2019)
Health TCC Water and Sewer Systems Map
Natural Resources AFN Amend Energy Policy Act of 2005 PL 109 to Include Alaska Tribes (2018)
Natural Resources AFN Broadband Resolution Draft TCC (2018)
Natural Resources Ambler Road BLM Comments Tribal Opposition Letter (2017)
Natural Resources Annual AFN Conventions Draft Resolutions Res. 18-2 Fisheries Management(2018)
Natural Resources Climate Change Tribal Engagement and Community Action Plan (TCC)
Natural Resources Diesel Particulate Filters Info, EPA Requirements of Tier 4 Generators
Natural Resources Energy Affordability through Weatherization and Renewable Systems (TCC)
Natural Resources Interior Alaska Broadband (TCC)
Natural Resources Interior Alaska Broadband Resolution Draft
Natural Resources Resolving Native Allotment Title Recovery in the State of Alaska
Natural Resources Summary of the Tribal Transportation Unity Caucus TTUC: Draft Bill, John P. Smith Tribal Road Safety (2017)
Natural Resources Wildland Firefighting and Critical Economic Impact: Alaska Native Crews from the TCC Region (TCC)
Sovereignty & Justice Alaska Criminal Justice Commission Justice Reinvestment Report (2015)
Sovereignty & Justice Alaska Regional Coalition Enhanced Statewide 9-1-1 Letter of Support (2018)
Sovereignty & Justice Alaska Rural Justice & Law Enforcement Commission: Initial Report Recommendations (2006)
Sovereignty & Justice BIA Elimination of CDIB AFN Draft (2018)
Sovereignty & Justice Comments on ICWA Change to Administration of Children and Families (2017)
Sovereignty & Justice DOI Indian Affairs: Self-Governance Negotiation Guidance for BIA Programs (2018)
Sovereignty & Justice ICWA Brackeen v. Bernhardt NARF Summary of Oral Arguments (2019)
Sovereignty & Justice Indian Employment, Training, and Related Services Demonstration Act of 1992 (TCC)
Sovereignty & Justice IRA Lands Into Trust History and Reaffirmation of Trust Land- Draft (2018)
Sovereignty & Justice Land into Trust Talking Points (2018)
Sovereignty & Justice NCAI Empowering Tribal Workforce Development: Indian Country’s Policy Recommendations (2016)
Sovereignty & Justice NCAI Investing in Tribal Infrastructure for a Stronger America
Sovereignty & Justice NCAI Tax Reform and Tribal Sovereignty
Sovereignty & Justice NCAI Tribal Supreme Court Project Memorandum Update of Recent Cases (2018)
Sovereignty & Justice Sample Resolution for Intertribal Courts
Sovereignty & Justice TCC VPSO White Paper (2018)