Indian Health Services Staff Visit Interior

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In June, the Acting Indian Health Services (IHS) Director Rear Admiral Chris Buchanan (Seminole) visited two of our Interior Communities with Tanana Chiefs Conference’s Chief/Chairman Victor Joseph and staff. Both Allakaket and Rampart were two of the stops on his trip.

The purpose of the visit was to show, first hand, the struggles that our communities without running water and sewer face on a day-to-day basis. Water and sewer are essential to our communities’ well-being and Admiral Buchanan was able to hear the concerns from our Chiefs and Tribal Members as well as the hardships they face each day without these basic necessities.

Many of our Community members and Chiefs were able to speak directly to Admiral Buchanan, his staff, and accompanying staff from ANTHC that are all working together in order to provide our communities without these essentials creative ways to get them in the future.

As part of a pilot program, ANTHC, IHS, and TCC are working with Chalkyitsik, Alatna, and Allakaket on a pilot project called the Portable Alternative Sanitation System (PASS) The PASS provides basic sanitation needs: handwashing, clean drinking water, safe human waste disposal and quality of life improvements in the home.

Thank you to our communities who welcomed us with open arms.