2017 TCC Annual Convention

TCC’s 2017 Annual Convention and Full Board of Directors Meeting took place March 13th-16th, 2017 with the theme ‘Preserving Our Way Of Life’.





Keynote Speakers

2017 Keynote Speakers

Peter Demoski, Nulato

Peter currently serves as the Elder Advisor on TCC’s Executive Board. His years of service includes work as a Tribal Administrator, City Council Member and more. He is a lifelong advocate and has dedicated his life to the service of our tribes.

Courtney Agnes, Tanana

Courtney serves on the Tanana Tribal Council and the Tanana City School District School Board. Courtney advocates for her family and stresses the importance of preserving  and passing on the traditions and subsistence lifestyles that our people have  cherished and relied upon.


Award Winners

2017 Award Winners

We would like to recognize all of the 2017 Tanana Chiefs Conference Award Winners.


David Pelunis-Messier

TCC Employee of the Year – Fairbanks




Margie Ambrose

TCC Employee of the Year – Rural




Elisa Bergman

Tribal Administrator of the Year




David Atteberry

VPSO of the Year




Marvin Deacon

Patti L. Hyslop Leadership in Sobriety Award




Victor Joseph

Patti L. Hyslop Leadership in Sobriety Award






Election Results

Election Results

Here are the results of the 2017 Elections

TCC Executive Board of Directors


  • Upper Tanana Subregion – 3 year term (2017-2020)
    ELECTED: William ‘Chaaiy’ Albert of Northway

  • Yukon Koyukuk Subregion – 3 year term (2017-2020)
    ELECTED: Norman Carl Burgett of Huslia


  • Chief/Chairman – 3 year term (2017-2020)
    ELECTED: Victor Joseph of Tanana

TCC Regional Health Board

  • Yukon Flats Subregion – 3 year term (2017-2020)
    ELECTED: Christine Rifredi- Fort Yukon

TCC Education Council

  • Upper Tanana Subregion – 3 year term (2017-2020)
    ELECTED: Phyllis Erhart – Tanana

  • Lower Yukon Subregion – 3 year term (2017-2020)
    ELECTED: Nathan Elswick – Anvik

Interior Athabascan Tribal College Board of Trustees

  • Upper Tanana Subregion – 3 year term (2017-2020)
    ELECTED: Gerald Albert – Northway

  • Upper Kuskokwim Subregion – 3 year term (2017-2020)
    ELECTED: Sharon Gurtler Strick – McGrath

Alaska Federation of Natives Representative

  • 1 Seat -one year term (2017-2018)
    ELECTED: Julie Roberts-Hyslop – Tanana

Interior Regional Housing Authority Board of Commissioners

  • Seat E -3 year term (2017-2020)
    ELECTED: Marvin Deacon  Grayling


Convention Re-Caps

Convention Re-Caps

Here are several videos that highlights some of the events that happened throughout the week of Convention.

Day 1 Re-Cap

Day 2 Re-Cap

Day 3 Re-Cap

Day 4 Re-Cap