2013 Flood Info

During the spring several communities within the Tanana Chiefs Conference region experience flooding including; Eagle, Circle, Fort Yukon, Beaver, Hughes, Steven’s Village, and Galena. Galena suffered the worst flooding with almost the entire community having to be evacuated after the might Yukon River swept water and massive ice chunks into the village.

In April, before any flooding had occurred in the
region, TCC’s Emergency Response Team was already working on giving communities the information they needed to prepare  for a potential flood. The Emergency Response Team, consisting 

of various employees from different departments throughout the organization, was recently formed to address the needs of the tribes during disaster situations.

“Although TCC is not a response agency, we still work
on the behalf of our tribes and are willing and able to respond as necessary,” said TCC Health Director and Incident Commander Victor Joseph.

When communities along the Yukon River began to flood, TCC assisted by coordinating with private, state, and federal agencies to ensure that those impacted by the floods had access to adequate housing, food, and other needed resources.

After hundreds of Galena residents were evacuated from their homes, TCC provided housing in Fairbanks at The Willow House, and coordinated with several agencies to hold community meetings and a resource fair in Fairbanks to provide important 

information to those displaced by the flood.

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