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It is our belief that for Alaska Natives today, alcohol and drug use became a toxic way of coping with a loss of traditional Native values, cultural patterns, identities, relationships, and unresolved trauma.

There are eligibility requirements which must be met prior to the acceptance of any individual into the camp.

By using Native culture and traditional values as our foundation, our goal is to help people help themselves as they heal from trauma, choose healthy lifestyles and overcome substance use.  The Old Minto Family Recovery Camp is an Athabascan alternative to substance abuse treatment; a place to begin healing in a traditional setting.

In addition to daily sessions for group and individual counseling, residents gather firewood, haul water, fish and hunt. This approach emphasizes traditional values and strengths, and is compatible with all Alaskan Natives.  Clients stay for a 35 day session, enough time to get a good foundation for recovery.

Our intent is to provide families and individuals with the skills that will help them live healthy and substance free lifestyles within their own communities.  We do this with respect for our Native culture and traditions, as well as other cultures, as seen through the eyes of our children and taught by the wisdom of our Elders.

The program is designed for Alaska Native families, but we welcome all individuals.  We encourage self-referrals and accept referrals from the Office of Children Services, Probation/Parole, Mental Health/Alcohol Programs, Tribal Councils, FASAP, public defenders, and the court system.

See when the next dates are for camp before you pack items for your stay (PDF Pop-Up).

We offer an Old Minto Support Group at St. Matthews. Every Wednesday from 5pm to 6pm.

Old Minto Family Recovery Camp lies in the original village of old Minto, 40 miles west of Fairbanks on the Tanana River and is only accessible by:

      • boat
      • plane
      • snow machine

We provide transportation from Fairbanks to Old Minto and back. In the summer, the camp is reached by river boat and in the winter by plane.

Clients stay in a natural surrounding and live in cabins with:

      • wood stoves for heat
      • kerosene lamps for light
      • no water
      • and no electricity

There is a generator for phone use and food storage. Phone use is limited.

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