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    • 1973 – Health Services was established
    • 1973 to 1984 – TCC contracts with the Indian Health Service (IHS) for a number of non-medical programs
    • 1984 to Current – TCC contracts with the IHS to manage the Fairbanks AANHS clinic, later named the Chief Andrew Isaac Health Center (CAIHC), initially including:
      • medical
      • dental
      • pharmacy
      • nursing
      • business office
      • health records
      • public health nursing
    • Health Services has grown and expanded services including:

Health Services manages the health delivery system for the villages of Interior Alaska under the terms of Public Law 93-638.  In partnership with villages, Health Services also operates and manages smaller satellite clinics in 28 villages as well as the Edgar Nollner Health Center in Galena and the Upper Tanana Health Center in Tok.

All of our Community Health Centers are FTCA-Deemed facilities. 

TCC Health Administration

Health Services currently consists of the following departments / programs:

      • Quality Management
        • Patient Advocacy
        • Patient Satisfaction
        • Data Analysis
        • Safety
        • Employee Health
        • Infection Control
        • Risk Management
        • Quality of Care
      • Health Business Office
        • Admissions & Registration
        • Medical Coding
        • Billing Office
        • Contract Health Services
      • Chief Andrew Isaac Health Center
        • Nursing
        • Medical
        • Pharmacy
        • Specialty Clinics
        • OB/GYN
        • Diabetes
        • WIC
        • Bertha Moses Patient Hostel
      • Biomedical
      • Health Information Management
      • Dental Clinic
      • Eye Clinic
      • Behavioral Health Services
        • Prevention and Intervention Programs (Tobacco, Substance Use, Emotional Wellness)
        • Residential services – Paul Williams House & Old Minto Family Recovery Camp
        • Outpatient Services – Mental Health Counseling & Psychiatric Services
        • Village Based Services – Tok, Galena and Itinerant Services
      • Community Health Aide/Community Health Center Program
      • Community Health Outreach Program
        • Home Care
        • Community Health Representatives
        • Health & Safety Education
      • Office of Environmental Health
      • Edgar Nollner Health Center–Galena
      • Upper Tanana Health Center– Tok
      • Housing First – Fairbanks


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